Marketing & Advertising

To personalise and display advertisements and other content for you, we may drop a cookie on your browser linked to data that is known about you so that third party advertisers can show you more relevant ads.

We may also use various measurement services and companies to analyse collected data about your engagement with our Sites and Services. Unless you have provided us with express, informed consent to collect your personal information for targeted marketing and advertising purposes, the information that is collected is not personally identifiable, and is pseudonymous or aggregated data that does not identify any individual user.

The third party analytics companies that we use may share the User information they collect from our Sites with other measurement companies, who gather data from various sources, analyse and report on it for their clients. The reported information will cover various elements, for example it may summarise how many people have viewed a certain webpage within a certain age bracket.

In some instances, the non-personally identifiable information collected from our Site and/or Services may be linked with information collected by a third party source, such as Google Analytics, to become personally identifiable. We will not link or merge non-personally identifiable information collected by Us with personally-identifiable information collected by a third party organisation, such as Google Analytics, without your informed, express consent. Google may merge or link your information with the non-personally identifiable information collected from our Site and/or Services if You have expressly provided your consent for them to do that.

By using our Sites and Services, you consent to the collection of data by Isabelle Dehay’s ad servers or third party affiliates, or the transfer of information to them, wherever necessary, for the Network’s performance optimisation and in order to tailor the content and advertising that appears on our Sites.